yacon_largePrevention of cancer
Studies have been conducted on human cervical cancer cells to show that yacon root syrup is very effective in treating this type of cancer. Regular intake of yacon ensures that there is a minimal reproduction of cancer cells. In addition to this, the syrup also helps to promote the early death of cancer cells. In general, the syrup has anti-cancer benefits especially against body areas such as nerve, skin, colon and blood.


Good liver health
There is no doubt that the liver is one of the most fundamental body parts. Yacon helps to improve the level of cholesterol and blood sugar in patients who are suffering from a metabolic syndrome. This is a condition that can increase the risk of getting heart disease or diabetes. If Yacon is taken abundantly, it can help to prevent the accumulation of fats in the liver as well as the cholesterol levels. This is a clear indication that yacon helps to enhance a healthy liver and heart functioning.

Diet function
Yacon is also helpful in promoting good diet. It can be eaten as a tuber or as fruit. Yacon leaves have also been proved to have good nutritional value especially vitamins. As such, if you concentrate on its intake, you will be supplementing your diet with the necessary nutrients needed.